Theoretical/Computational Chemistry (Sugimoto) Group

Our group is studying functional molecules by using theoreical and computational methods.

Seminar Information
Mathematica Seminar (Nov. , 2011)

Special Lecture
by Prof. Y. Matsuda

Computational Models

Supplementary Files (#1 Nov. 10, 2011)

Supplementary Files (#2 Nov. 11, 2011)

idea.nb (#3 Nov. 11, 2011)
seiseki.nb (#4 Nov. 11, 2011)

Basic Quantum Chemistry
(compressed format)

Research Field
Physical Chemistry
Theoretical Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Quantum Chemistry
Statistical Mechanics

focusing on
  Molecular Spectroscopy,
  Chemical Reaction,
  Molecular Properies.


Theoretical/Computational Chemistry Group 
(Dr. Manabu Sugimoto's Group)
  Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Graduate School of Science and Technology
  Kumamoto University

■Address: 2-39-1 Kurokami, Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan
■Phone/Fax: +81-96-342-3650