6th International Forum: IFSC 2008 Autumn

Nanomaterials and Nanochemistry at Interfaces
The IFSC 2008 Autumn is to be held at the 100th Anniversary Hall
in Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan
on 21 Nov., 2008.

Organized byIFSC, Kumamoto University, Japan
Under the Auspices of The Chemical Society of Japan
The Society of Polymer Science Japan
The Electrochemical Society of Japan
The Electrochemical Society of Japan (Kyushu Chapter)

Morning Session
Plenary Lecture

[ 45 min ]
Bio-block copolymers and smart nanocomposite hydrogels:stucture design and synthesis
Meifang, Zhu, Donghua University (China)
Invited Lecture

[ 30 min ]
Protein supramolecules and biomineralization in the fabrication of functional nanostructures
Yamashita, Ichiro, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Poster Session with a Mixer
Poster Presentation

with Three Minutes

Oral Presentation

[ 150 min ]
Abosroption and antibacterial character of thermosensitive micro-gels.
Nagasawa, Sunao

Fablication of nobel light-driven polymeric actuator.
Kamuruzzamann, Md

Photo manipulation of micro particles on the surface of liquid crystal.
Kausar, Abu

Control of the secondary structure of polymer networks by photochromic monomer.
Imura, Kanako

Photo-induced photonic band gap shift of SiO2/azobenzene-tolane opal film.
Shirota, Tomomi

Photo responsibility of 1D birefringent photonic crystal film fabricated by spin coating.
Ishikawa, Takeru

Circular DNA Formation by Photochemical Ligation
Arslan, Pelin

Formation of Luminous Lanthanide Complex on DNA Scaffold
Yamamoto, Mayumi

Controlled Grafting-density of 4-Vinylpyridine Polymer on Silica Surface for Molecular Shape Selectivity Enhancement
Ghimire, Usha

Copolymeric Organic Phase on Silica for Molecular Recognition in RP-HPLC
Mallik, Abr Khyer

Versatility of L-glutamide derivatives with an amino group for formation of。。nano-chiral structures.
Kira, Yoshiko

Self-assembling Fullerene Derivatives for Energy Transfer in Molecular Gel System
Watanabe, Naomi

Preparation and photoisomerization properties of quinoxalin- annulated dihydropyrene
Kihara, Takao

Preparation and thermodynamic properties of calixarene analogs
Matsuo, Nami

Tunability of Secondary Chirality in L-Glutamide-Derived Molecular Organogel System
Miyamoto, Koji

Preparation of Electrochemical Blister Agent Sensor Using Carbon Electrodes Modified with Au Nano Particles
Yamada, Hiroyuki

Electrochemical Switching Driven by Structural Change in Secondary Structure and by Complexation at the Au(111) Electrode Modified with Polylysine having Ligands
Shimamura, Kengo

Formation and Reaction of Pyridinethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au Electrode in Aromatic and Aliphatic Ionic Liquids Studied by SEIRAS
Seriu, Hiroshi
Afternoon Session
Plenary Lecture

[ 45 min ]
Detection of proteins and DNAs based on selective interaction by。。electrogenerated chemuluminescence
Kim, H, Seoul Univ. (Korea)
Invited Lecture

[ 20 min ]
Formation of supramolecularly nanostructured porphyrin array on Au(111)
Yoshimoto, Soichiro, Kumamoto Univ.
Invited Lecture

[ 20 min ]
An unique non-polyelectrolyte hydrogel: Swelling ratio controlled by post treatment, and polyelectrolyte-like swelling behavior in aqueous salt solution
Liu, Yang, JSPS Fellow
Invited Lectures

[ 20 min ]
Formation of superstructured materials by using interfaces
Kuwahara, Yutaka, Kumamoto Univ.
Invited Lectures

[ 20 min ]
Control of photonic band gap properties using photo-induced birefringence of azobenzene liquid crystal polymers
Moritsugu, Masaki, Kumamoto Univ.
Invited Lectures

[ 20 min ]
Microfabrication of azo polymer surface by a light irradiation
Alam, Md.Zahangir, JSPS Fellow
Invited Lectures

[ 20 min ]
Synthesis of nanostructured metal oxide arrays and their applications to dye-sensitized solar cells
Charoensirithavorn, Patcharee, Kyoto University
Invited Lectures

[ 30 min ]
Electrochemistry of redox enzymes at nano-structured carbon electrodes
Seiya, Tsujimura, Kyoto University

Head of Forum CommitteeDr. K. Nishiyama
Forum CommitteeDr. M. Takafuji, Dr. M. Sakata, Dr. Y. Kuwahara, Dr. M. Sugimoto
Dr. S. Kurihara, Dr. H. Matsuura, Dr. T. Ogata, Dr. M. Koinuma
Co-Chair of IFSCDr. T. Sawada
Chair of IFSCDr. H. Ihara

Dr. K. Nishiyama
Department of Applid Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kumamoto University
2-39-1 Kurokami, Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan
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