The 8th French-Japanese Workshop
on Computational Methods in Chemistry (FJCMC2020) <CANCELLED !!>

(Mar. 6, 2020)

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the workshop was cancelled. The organizers appreciate your interest on and the preparation for participation to the workshop.

7th (2018)

Strasbourg, Jul. 2- 3, 2018

A Varnek (Strasbourg), D. Rognan (Strasbourg), K. Funatsu (Tokyo)

6th (2016)

Kyoto, 2016


5th (2014)

Strasbourg, Jun. 30-Jul. 1, 2014

A. Varnek (Strasbourg), D. Rognan (Strasbourg), K. Funatsu (Tokyo)

4th (2012)

Fukuoka, Mar. 5-6, 2012

C. Daniel (Strasbourg), K. Hori (Yamaguchi), K. Funatsu (Tokyo), A. Varnek (Strasbourg), K. Yoshizawa (Kyushu)

3rd (2010)

Strasbourg, Jun. 18, 2010

C. Daniel (Strasbourg), K. Funatsu (Tokyo), A. Varnek (Strasbourg)

2nd (2009)

Nishinomiya,  Nov. 28, 2009.

A. Vernek (Strasbourg), H. Chuaman (Tokushima)

1st (2008)

Strasbourg, Jul. 2- 3, 2008

C. Daniel (Strasbourg)l, U. Nagashima (Tsukuba), A Varnek (Strasbourg)