The 8th French-Japanese Workshop
on Computational Methods in Chemistry (FJCMC2020) <CANCELLED !!>

(Mar. 6, 2020)

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the workshop was cancelled. The organizers appreciate your interest on and the preparation for participation to the workshop.

     This workshop aims at presenting and discussing state-of-the-art computational methods in chemistry. The methods include chemoinformatics, materials informatics, quantum chemistry, and molecular simulation methods such as molecular dynamics. The methods may be the ones for not only numerical simulations but also machine learnings including AI. All of the academic and industrial researchers are welcome to the workshop.  The research fields to be included would be, for example,

     (i)  Chemoinformatics

     (ii)  Materials Informatics

     (iii) Bioinformatics

     (iv) Quantum Chemistry

     (v) Statistical Mechanics (e.g. Monte Carlo Simulations)

     (vi) Classical and Quantum Molecular Dynamics

     (vii) Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


     The meeting will have many lectures by the world-famous distinguished and very acvite researchers from France, Japan, and some other countries. We hope that all the paticipants would enjoy their sciences and discussions to obtain further innovative ideas in their research. Also our wish is that this workshop would contribute to further develop the computational methods and their applications through strengthening and/or expanding friendships among active scientists in the world. It would be sure that the French-Japanese collaboration cultivated over the years would definitely play key and leading roles in the significant progress.



                                   FJCMC2020 Chairperson

                                         Manabu Sugimoto (Kumamoto University)