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Supramolecular Assemblies & Functional Nanomaterials

Supramolecular Assemblies & Functional Nanomaterials

Supramolecular Assemblies & Functional Nanomaterials



An acculate construction of molecules will create unimaginable morphologies and functions...

Supramolecular Chemistry

Biological organisms are constracted by molecular building blocks and these molecules are assembled spontaneously through various intermolecular interactions. Life itself is hierarchically composed of self-assembling molecular building blocks. We have investigated self-assembled nanofibrous aggregates formed from dialkyl L-glutamide derived lipids. Those lipids formed nanotubes and nanoribbon-like aggregates in aqueous and organic solvents.These molecular assemblies are applicable to nanodevices and optical devices.

Functional Nanomaterials

Magnetic nanoparticles are one of the important nanomaterials for industrial, environmental, biological and medical fields. In medical field, the magnetic nanoparticles have been investigated mainly for magnetic separation, drug carrier, magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic hyperthermia. The surface properties of the magnetic nanoparticles are important in use, therefore many surface modification techniques with organic and inorganic materials have been developed. We have investigated polymer-grafting method to modify the surface of magnetic nanoparticles.

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