-15th International Forum "New Waves in Supramolecular Chemistry"-

Date:29 February (Mon)-1 March (Tue), 2016

*Briefing session of proseminar of New Waves in Supramolecular Chemistry
 and Superstructured Materials        [29 Feburary, 10:00-12:00]
*Forum of the Society of Polymer Science, Kyushu
 LIA-CNPA kickoff symposium in Kumamoto [29 Feburary, 13:00-17:30]
*PHOENICS International Symposium      [1 March, 10:00-17:05]

Kumamoto University (100th Anniversary Memorial Hall)
Kurokami South Campus(2-39-1 Kurokami, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto)
Campus map:http://ewww.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/about/access/campus/

RegistrationYou can register by E-mail or FAX. Please download the registration form(pdf, docx, doc
and send to below the address. (Deadline of registration: 22 February, 2016).

Address to send the registration form:
Maki Horikawa (Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute)
e-mail: horikawa@kumamoto-iri.jp TEL: 096-368-2101 FAX: 096-369-1938
Registration feeSymposium: Free.
Banquet: ¥3000.
ContactKumamoto University:TEL 096-342-3662 (K. Miyazaki, R. Ueda),
Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute: TEL 096-368-2101 (S. Nagaoka, T. Shirosaki, M. Horikawa, N. Ryu)
Kumamoto Industrial Support Foundation: TEL 096-368-7444 (T. Miyao)
FAX 096-342-3662, e-mail: phoenics@chem.kumamoto-u.ac.jp

Organized by International Forum "New Waves in Supramolecular Chemistry"
Kumamoto Institute for Photo-Electro Organics (PHOENICS)
Kumamoto Industrial Support Foundation (Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program, MEXT)
The Society of Polymer Science, Kyushu
Kumamoto Prefecture
Co-organized byGraduate School of Science and Technology (Kumamoto University)
PHOENICS-KU (Kumamoto University)

Supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) 
Kumamoto Industrial federation
Kumamoto Technology of Industry Promotion Society
Kyushu Semiconductor Industries & Electronics Technology Innovation Association (SIIQ)
Research for Innovation & Synthesis of Technology in Kumamoto (RIST)
Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research, Kyushu University (OPERA)
Sojo University
Institute of System, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT)
  The Chemical Society of Japan
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
The Electrochemical Society of Japan
The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Junichiro Mishima (Chair, Kumamoto Industrial Support Foundation)
Hirotaka Ihara (Co-chair, Kumamoto University)
Shoji Nagaoka (Co-chair, Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute)
Masashi Kunitake (Kumamoto University)
Seiji Kurihara (Kumamoto University)
Takashi Sagawa (Kyoto University)
Makoto Takafuji (Kumamoto University)
Katsuhiko Nishiyama (Kumamoto University)
Masato Tominaga (Kumamoto University)
Soichiro Yoshimoto (Kumamoto University)
Tsuyoshi Fukaminato(Kumamoto University)
Yutaka Kuwahara (Kumamoto University)
Tsuyoshi Sawada (Kagoshima University)
Kahoko Miyazaki (Kumamoto University)
Yoko Ryu (Kumamoto University)
Rika Ueda (Kumamoto University)
Tomohiro Shirosaki (Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute)
Maki Horikawa (Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute)
Naoya Ryu (Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute)